Classroom Course

Founder's Classroom Course (FCC) is the flagship course which was earlier called the Regular Classroom program and has consistently achieved a success rate of more than 60% Selections. The course program, where all classes are conducted by the three founders of Scholars' Academy, who have been teaching and producing some of the best results in India.

FCC is a comprehensive program, designed to inculcate the habit of internalizing concepts, to enable students to apply them at will: in both real life problems as well as in exams. This program is designed to help students transit smoothly from Xth to XIIth and build a strong foundation for their basic subjects of Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.

More so, it guides the student right upto the level of nurtures the student for the ultimate level of questions as it is based on a pedagogical philosophy of conceptual clarity leading to structured thinking, further leading to logical problem solving.

This program is designed to help students transit smoothly, from Xth to XIth and build a strong foundation in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. The FCC course is an amalgamation of three of the most successful modules.

Phase 1 – This module covers the topics in all three subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Maths for Class XI. This module forms the foundation for the subsequent modules of FCC. All the fundamental topics are covered in a lucid manner so as to ensure that the student finds it easy to understand the basics for all the topics.
Phase 2 – This module covers the topics relevant for Class XII. The Topics covered in Phase 1 are covered in greater detail along with the applicative questions and other competition oriented question formats. Advance topics are also taught to the students as per the requirement of the competition. The module also covers the Class XII course topics so that the students can excel in there Board Exams as well along with competitive exam's.
The Final Step – Revision module which covers all the topics of Phase 1 and Phase 2 to ensure that the student can revisit all the important concepts, formulae etc in the minimum possible time. It's the perfect tool to what your two-year long preparation.